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At PQW Construction LLC we are experts in plumbing for your property. We do from small contracts that your property may require up to jobs for more experienced contractors.
We are in the Wood Village, Oregon area, always offering quality and affordable prices.

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Because of our experience in the market we count with several satisfied and happy customers which are grateful for the services done in their properties.

Our service is characterized because we are professional and trustworthy.  We show commitment and honesty as well as the security of a proper solution to your needs.

We offer affordable prices and take care of the materials and workforce.


We know that when you open the doors of your home, everything is both private and personal, so we do the job with total respect and care on the objects near our working area, to keep them secured.

We can also assure you that our work will solve those problems that later on will become a nightmare at an affordable price.


For us is very important to make the clients happy and solve their problems.  We take extreme care about the quality of our works, from the moment an estimate is asked for, to solve all doubts and hesitations, the organization of the project, until the completion of it.

We work to deliver a quality job really worth it PQW Construction LLC.


Every client has different needs and each property has different characteristics.

At  PQW Construction LLC we are interested in knowing every idea or problem a client has in mind, if we have to go over a place that needs a repair we´ll be there to offer an exceptional service to solve the problem in the most accurate and precise  way.

You just have to call and PQW construction LLC will be there to help you.


Sewer line repair & replacement

When we have to deal with sewers, we wouldn’t want them to be repaired even less to open them to be repaired. But don´t worry at PQW Construction LLC we take care of the job and return your peace of mind.

Pipe bursting

We take care of your pipe repair in your property. It can come out because of a leak, old humidity at any corner of the house or that there was an accident affecting the pipe, etc.

Directional drilling

It is a quick, clean and eco friendly method allowing the installation of services such as running water in a property.

Public Services

When a quotation is applied for by a customer, we check whether it is necessary the approval of City Hall, since at times we have to drill in or out their area, so we do the necessary paperwork at the Public Services area.

Tree root invasion

We provide this type of services, since when you live in a house, there is the risk of an obstruction in the main sewer because of the invasion of tree roots and bushes. Very common problem.

Replace/install underground drain pipe

If you are building and require a drainage system or filtrations caused by deterioration. At PQW Construction LLC we take care to plan a solution for the good operation of underground drainage or filtration problems, we have the equipment to identify the cause and the damage.

Plumbing emergencies at Wood Village, Portland

You have a plumbing problem, we solve it fast, secure and reliable.


Other services

Catch basin

It is a drainage that picks up the rain water and delivers it to an underground system of pipes, sewers or drainage ditches.

New water lines

Manufacture of lines of water systems from where it will be taken up to its destination.

Gutter cleaning

We take away sediments in gutters brought by the wind which can sometimes contain plastic garbage.

Old septic decommission

If you have a septic tank in your house or property and you want to close it down because of no further use. PQW Construction LLC has the solution. Our core business is plumbing and we know how to dismantle it correctly.

It looks simple, but has to be done with due knowledge and experience to avoid further consequences in the short or long run.

By and large we pay you a visit and explain with detail how we would do the job, and solve all doubts.  Don´t worry about the tools, we have them.  Call us, we are just a call away.

Window well

We work window wells at Gresham, Oregon. We make them with high quality materials, resistant to both weather and outdoors.  We develop the ideal design to ensure a long lasting lifespan.

Each window cover is made to measure in order to guarantee a perfect setting for any size or window form.

We also give maintenance or replacement of window wells.  We suggest asking for a free estimate and we are sure that you are going to love our work.


Stop thinking about it.  We make painting services to your pipes, bathrooms, kitchens, gutters, or anything that needs a finishing touch.  Give your property a new image.

Leave the painting in expert hands.  We count on professionals for every project.  We provide a quick response to your requests and offer the best solutions to your project.  Taking care of the quality, presentation, and long lasting materials.


We are experts in plumbing but we like to share with our clients a little of our area of expertise.

03 May

What type of pipes does your home have?

Knowing the type of pipes your house has is paramount, with that information you can tell your plumber so that he proceeds correctly with the job.

03 May

Find the little leaks of your home.

Water leaks are not only an irreplaceable loss for the environment, but they are also very costly in the long run causing lots of expenses within your home. Some are visible at first sight, and can be repaired rapidly, however there are others which are not visible at once therefore very dangerous.

03 May

How can a professional plumber help me?

A professional plumber installs, gives maintenance and repair pipes in or out of your house. Nowadays it is an essential job within the most common jobs. Some of the outstanding services that can be rendered are:

Why choosing us

Affordable prices

We work with total honesty, favoring our clients with quotations adjusted to their needs and budgets, without affecting quality and activities of the project.

Personalized service

Part of the quality towards our customers is to provide them a personalized service.  We know that each customer has different needs and every project its characteristics.

Open schedule

We have a Schedule from Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, this way you can program a visit anytime you want.

Free estimates

Whenever you ask for an estimate, it will always be for free, adjusted to your needs.


We have several years working in plumbing which allows us and forces us to give better quality service every day.

We work with private persons or realtors

For us our clientele is most important, we have several private persons who hire us to work at their domicile or various real estate companies requesting a repair in any property they are planning to sell.


We help you, we offer preventive and corrective maintenance. Our experience backs the quality of our work.