What type of pipes does your home have?

Knowing the type of pipes your house has is paramount, with that information you can tell your plumber so that he proceeds correctly with the job.

There are many types of pipes in the market, among them PEX; PVC, Black Steel, galvanized, and brass.

  • Galvanized Steel pipe.

These types of pipes are thick and heavy, and are not very much used in modern construction due to its limited useful life.

  • Stainless Steel pipe.

This type of pipe is very hygienic however very costly.  Used mainly in areas subject to corrosion and nearby coastal areas

  • Copper pipe.

Mainly used in thin walls, however oxidation changes its reddish tone to a dark brown or green, which, besides, is very costly.

  • Cast Iron Pipe.

These pipes are the heaviest, normally used for water distribution systems or underground installation such as the main pipe of the drainage or sewage system.