Find the little leaks of your home.

Water leaks are not only an irreplaceable loss for the environment, but they are also very costly in the long run causing lots of expenses within your home. Some are visible at first sight, and can be repaired rapidly, however there are others which are not visible at once therefore very dangerous.

First thing is to check the most common areas where there can be leaks: leaks, moisture damages, or noisy pipes, etc.

Check whether your water meter has significant changes.  For that you need to close the main pipe of your house and see if the needle is moving; if so, it means there is a permanent leak somewhere along the pipe.

If digital, your warning would be any number but a “0” in the flow screen.  If they are small leaks no immediate change will be seen. Two hours must pass and to try again.  If the second lecture differs from the first, then there is a leak.  The toilet at the bathrooms must be checked as well, leaks almost always come from their tanks, rubber seals are worn and need a replacement.  Check also the showers´head and replace them if needed.

If you can´t find the origin of the leak contact us, we are here to help.